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You can help patients understand and manage their medicines.
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Students will develop a basic understanding of necessary skills for employment as a Pharmacy Technician. Students will learn drug and dosage calculations, conversions, sig codes pharmacy terminology, and drug classifications. Drug referencing and prescription processing will be included. Students will learn generic and brand names of medication, the aseptic techniques and standard precautions within the job description of a Pharmacy Technician.

CIP Code : 51.0805


  • Textbook
  • Uniform
  • All Practice and Certifications Exams
  • Quizzes and Exams
Cost of Program:
Tuition: $2,935.00
Books: $160.00
Supplies/Materials: $445.00
Total Cost: $3,540.00

Online Self Paced Option

  • Must be completed within the timeframe 6 weeks (however can be completed at the students pace day or night)
  • Price is $1500 less than the original fee for online only

Schedule of Classes

  • January 16th –February 24th 2023
  • February 27th –April 7th 2023
  • April 10th – May 19th 2023
  • May 22nd –June 30th 2023
  • July 3rd – August 11th 2023
  • August 14th –September 22nd 2023
  • September 25th – November 3rd 2023
  • November 6th –December 16th

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